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Maintaining Mental Fitness

Season 2


Back by popular demand after our Season 1 2020 offering of Maintaining Mental Fitness is Season 2!

This free bi-weekly Mental Health Webinar Series (Tactics for Maintaining Mental Fitness During the COVID-19 Pandemic) has been created in partnership with the Alberta Municipal Health and Safety Association (AMHSA), Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA), and Howatt HR. These weekly discussions will examine the key behaviours organizations and individuals can do to maintain Mental Fitness during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Our panelists include Dr.Bill Howatt and Jesse Adams of Howatt HR. Each webinar will be hosted bi-weekly at the same day and time and provide a 15-minute overview of a key micro-skill that you can do to support charging your mental health battery. After the 15-minute micro-skill review, there will be a 10-15 min Q and A for you to ask your own mental fitness questions.

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Season 2 Episodes

Insulating for irritability

(Tips for managing anger)

August 3, 2021

10 am (MST) or 12 (EST)

It is not uncommon when a person feels stressed or overwhelmed to become irritable. This webinar introduces irritability, how to detect it in yourself, and things you can do to feel better.

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Register right away as there are only 3000 spots available and we are sharing this opportunity with other organizations across Canada. Join us as we spread the word on the importance of looking after your Mental Health during this difficult time, with bi-weekly tactics you can apply immediately.

Upcoming Season 2 Episodes

Episode 1 – May 11, 2021 – Moving away from loneliness starts from within

Episode 2 – May 25, 2021 – Tips for being less overwhelmed at work (Feeling overwhelmed is the new norm)

Episode 3 – Jun 8, 2021 – Tips for taming negative emotions

Episode 4 – Jun 22, 2021 – Relationship survival tips

Episode 5 – Jul 6, 2021 – Tips for dealing with emotional exhaustion

Episode 6 – Jul 20, 2021 – Benefits of monitoring positive and negative daily changes

Episode 7 – Aug 3, 2021 – Insulating for irritability (Tips for managing anger)

Episode 8 – Aug 17, 2021 – Halting self-doubt

Episode 9 – Aug 31, 2021 – Tips for unplugging from work

Episode 10 – Sept 14, 2021 – Tossing social rejection

Episode 11 – Sept 28, 2021 – Blending demands of home and work

Episode 12 – Oct 12, 2021 – Setting social media boundaries

Previous Season 2 Episodes

May 11, 2021 - Episode 1 - Moving away from loneliness starts from within

Presenter – Dr. Bill Howatt, Jesse Adams

This webinar introduces the value of building a relationship developing a relationship from within to reduce our risk for experiencing loneliness. You will learn how to identify and address negative self-talk using an easy-to-follow three-step process.


May 25, 2021 - Episode 2 - Tips for being less overwhelmed at work

Presenter – Dr. Bill Howatt, Jesse Adams

COVID-19 has disrupted how we live and how work gets done, leaving many of us feeling overwhelmed at work. This webinar helps you identify feelings that contribute to a feeling overwhelmed and barriers to recognizing when we are overwhelmed. You will also learn practical tips for being less overwhelmed at work, which can be applied right away.

Jun 8, 2021 – Episode 3 – Tips for taming negative emotions

Presenter – Dr. Bill Howatt, Jesse Adams

Our emotions shape how we show up for ourselves and others. This webinar reviews how our thoughts and feelings are related and shares a five-point plan for managing negative emotions.


June 22, 2021 - Episode 4 - Relationship survival guide tips

Presenter – Dr. Bill Howatt, Jesse Adams

Social connections are invaluable for our mental health. This presentation explores the realities of loving relationships and discusses the foundational elements found in relationships. You will learn about establishing common ground, building honesty and living with integrity as the keys to trusting relationships, and they will explore five tips for a loving relationship.

July 6, 2021 – Episode 5 – Compassion Fatigue – Tips for dealing with emotional exhaustion

Presenter – Dr. Bill Howatt, Jesse Adams

COVID-19 has resulted in more leaders and employees providing a level of care they have not been trained for. This webinar introduces the signs and symptoms of compassion fatigue, offers tips to avoid it, and outlines steps to take if you’re concerned that you’re experiencing it.


July 20, 2021 - Episode 6 - Benefits of monitoring positive and negative daily charges

Presenter – Dr. Bill Howatt, Jesse Adams

This webinar introduces the daily practice of intentionally influencing your mental fitness. You will learn more about what drains and charges your personal battery and why it is essential to monitor your personal charge. You will also learn four tips for intentionally improving your personal charge.

Andrea from Alberta

The speakers were really personable and I appreciated them sharing their personal life experiences. It sounds like they really understand the topic as they practice the techniques themselves.

Rosie from Ontario

This webinar gave some very great practical tips but also explained the reasons for using the strategies. I enjoyed the comfortable relational approach to presenting.

Kathy from Alberta

Your webinar was very timely. I caught myself on Sunday being very irritable (snippy, critical, harsh with my husband). I realized I was simply exhausted and gave myself permission to 'not work', have a nap, do some baking, go for a walk, chat with neighbors. Because I 'nipped it in the bud', I had a wonderful day and was rested, ready for Monday.

Margarita from Michigan

Everyone needs Dr. Bill Howett's research-based wisdom. Why not embrace his clearly-presented mindsets and little steps needed to achieve mental fitness. Here's to happiness, mindfulness, and mental fitness!

Tanya from Ontario

These sessions are amazing. Very few people think about the topics presented in these sessions on a regular basis, yet not giving these topics due treatment can result in directionless, pain filled lives. Thank you so very much for sharing!

Chee de Visser from BC

One of the best seminars I attended recently

Richard from BC

This is a very well run and organized webinar.  Timely information for oneself to deal with all that is going on and it respects time lines.  Plenty of information packed into a short window.  Thank you.

Emily from Alberta

This webinar series is teaching the right practical skills at the right time. One of the best series I've seen that is impactful for me as an individual and for organizations. Thank you team!

Sandra from Alberta

This series is one of the best resources available. Why? Because it delivers credible, fact based content in a personal and practical way. What is shared is relevant for me in my personal and professional lives. I particularly appreciate the micro approach - a narrow focus is easy to follow, actions are doable, and in a tight, 30 minute format. Excellent!

Kim from Alberta

These weekly webinars are packed with information needed to survive this pandemic. Thank you to everyone involved in scheduling them!

Christine from Alberta

I really look forward to these webinars each week! There are many valuable tools provided to help me manage through challenges I am faced with both professionally and personally.

Lyn from Alberta

I just finished my 6th week working at home at these webinars have given me a positive outlook.

Stacey from Ontario

I have attended your presentations and I think they are very good.

Rosie from Ontario

I just have to say thanks again for inviting me to these webinars. Today was the best yet and they were all very good!

Sonja from Alberta

Absolutely amazing webinars - a wealth of information in plain language, great ideas to apply personally and in the workplace - thank you!

2020 Season 1 Episode Recap

All Webinar Episodes in Season 1 were presented by Dr. Bill Howatt and Jesse Adams.

Episode 1: March 24, 2020 – Tactics for Maintaining Mental Fitness During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Episode 2: March 31, 2020 – Gratitude

Episode 3: April 7, 2020 – Creating Social Connection

Episode 4: April 14, 2020 – Understanding Stress

Episode 5: April 21, 2020 – Insulating for Anxiety

Episode 6: April 28, 2020 – Social Contagion

Episode 7: May 5, 2020 – Coping with Grief and Loss

Episode 8: May 12, 2020 – Supporting Others

Episode 9: May 13, 2020 – Work 2.0 Reboot

Episode 10: May 19, 2020 – Feeling Overwhelmed with the New Norm

Episode 11: May 26, 2020 – Suicide Ideation

Episode 12: June 2, 2020 – Insulating for Irritability

Episode 13: June 9, 2020 – Engaging in Our Environment

Episode 14: June 16, 2020 – Mindful Hydration

Episode 15: June 23, 2020 – Anchoring Your Why

Episode 16: June 30, 2020 – Prioritizing Sleep

Episode 17: July 7, 2020 – Fueling Up with Nutrition

Episode 18: July 14, 2020 – Progressive Relaxation

Episode 19: July 21, 2020 – Journaling

Episode 20: July 28, 2020- Flipping the Switch

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