Moving away from loneliness starts from within

May 11, 2021

Presenter – Dr. Bill Howatt, Jesse Adams


This course covered how the higher expectations we hold for ourselves vs. others may impact how we experience loneliness. It delivered into the importance of self-talk and how what we say to ourselves impacts our thoughts, emotions and behaviours and plays a role in loneliness. The course provided the following tips for participants:

  • Learn to like your own company: Being comfortable with yourself may be a key to preventing loneliness. When we like who we are inside and enjoy our own company, we shine on the outside. This attracts others, as people are attracted to positive energy. Reaching this stage requires rewiring your brain by having things within your control that you enjoy, having a purpose and goals, and being clear on the benefits of hanging out with yourself.
  • Stop negative thoughts: Every negative thought is nothing more than a thought. If we accept them, they multiply. Think about a food craving — when you learn to resist it, the craving goes away. When you practice dealing with one negative thought at a time, focusing on what you can control and replacing it with a neutral or positive thought, your brain will create new wiring. Good mental health may not be as complicated as some think; it requires intention and time for new habits to form.
  • Track your feelings daily: We experience the world through our emotions. If you feel anxiety or worry, ask yourself why. Become a problem solver because feeling is nothing more than the byproduct of a string of thoughts. If you have negative thoughts, this is an opportunity to become a detective to figure out the why. If you are unsure how to deal with them, seek out a professional who can teach you some tips for removing them.