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Andrea from Alberta

The speakers were really personable and I appreciated them sharing their personal life experiences. It sounds like they really understand the topic as they practice the techniques themselves.

Rosie from Ontario

This webinar gave some very great practical tips but also explained the reasons for using the strategies. I enjoyed the comfortable relational approach to presenting.

Kathy from Alberta

Your webinar was very timely. I caught myself on Sunday being very irritable (snippy, critical, harsh with my husband). I realized I was simply exhausted and gave myself permission to ‘not work’, have a nap, do some baking, go for a walk, chat with...

Margarita from Michigan

Everyone needs Dr. Bill Howett’s research-based wisdom. Why not embrace his clearly-presented mindsets and little steps needed to achieve mental fitness. Here’s to happiness, mindfulness, and mental fitness!

Tanya from Ontario

These sessions are amazing. Very few people think about the topics presented in these sessions on a regular basis, yet not giving these topics due treatment can result in directionless, pain filled lives. Thank you so very much for sharing!