This is a very well run and organized webinar. Timely information for oneself to deal with all that is going on and it respects timelines. Plenty of information packed into a short window. Thank you.

This webinar series is teaching the right practical skills at the right time. One of the best series I’ve seen that is impactful for me as an individual and for organizations. Thank you team!

Thank you for today’s session. As usual, it was interesting and focused on the positive potential for change we all have within us or can start to revive in ourselves within our support groups or resources.

I thought this was such an important presentation.  Our focus for many has shifted to deal with a lot of “external” concerns with the pandemic at the expense of concerted efforts to cultivate our ongoing personal relationship.  Appreciate being a part of...

Thank you so much for this series. Today’s session helped me to realize that how I’m feeling is directly related to what my charge level is.